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Parce L1 – the smart light switch

IPad Sporty case

structure locker

Sensor Box

Clear Case

drying system

HDG Compact Serie

Porsche 917 short tail

Protective box

Stand for apple watch

iPhone Stand

Daytona AC4 WD

Animation KMP greenup

Sleeve iPad


HDG M brochure

lamp on three legs

Sporty case

HDG campaign

heel motorcycle boot

bookcase iPhone

animation wonderwall

bookcase iPad


Daytona evo Voltex

Hoopah branding

Sleeve macbook

Spanner Re²

shin guard motorcycle boot

HDG boiler cut view

Guschlbauer product catalog

Architectural model Seeshaupt

Stand Guschlbauer

Small 3D Models

Logo concepts my plate

Daytona Moto Active

Water Future Systems

HDG boiler rendering


Cooperation HDG-Spanner Re²

Ausstechform durch 3D-Druck

Cookie cutter


bolt retainer

Irrigation Future Systems

Bettwerkstatt GEOBETT

RCS Maurer Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

Display graphic 7"

Animation HDG Control Touch

HDG Pelletkombi

90 years Bäcker Bachmeier

ADIUVAD therapy cart

syscotec cooling ceiling

Faber Biomechanik ADIUVAD

IVECO-exhibition box

La3b graphic concept

levante 360°

Stadtlicht Eggenfelden


kaffe G

Häusl Schänke


IVECO Waterbelt

KZ-Gedenkstätte Flossenbürg

Parce electronic case

Perl – Leather goods and bags


Lampshade concept

half-cell holder

Logopädie am Bürgerwald

factory trolley for diagnose tool

3D license plate Animation

Architectural model one-family house