the approche of design

As a designer I understand us as an interface. For example as an interface between producer and user, between product impression and manufacturing potential or between material and function. Therefor incorporates our interdisciplinary method of operation all manufacturing potential and manufacturing cost, logical processes and channel distributions as well as esthetic, movement and functionality to meet all expectations in the best way. An optimum of intelligent functionality, clear stylistic idiom and profitable feasibility is soform’s expectation in all our products. From working hand in hand with our customers results a systematic process, a target group orientated product with an unique selling position which just meets all expectations of the market.

the designing process

With our clients together we create and develop innovative products and product strategies which own key advantage in market competition. With our five pillars of design we create project transparency, project ability and cost savings true efficiency. Besides creative enhancements of the product results as well a notable added value by design.


Research & Analysis

Watch and learn from it

.Market and environment research
.Function and target group analysis
.Design and component analysis
.Technologie and trend analysis
.Patent searches

Concept & Strategy

Take the right path

.Redesign of existing products
.Development of new product concepts and product families
.Development of design strategy to increase the
incentive to buy with optical, technical or
pricing unique features

Design draft

Attract the right audience

.Design variants
.Color and material variants
.Proportion and ergonomics studies
.Previous models and 3D CAD visualization

Production support

Finding the right shape, the "SO" shape

.Detailed engineering under considering
material choice, production capabilities, logistics etc.
.Creation of a CAD model
.Creation of engineering data and list of parts with solidworks
.Prototype construction and function tests
.Manufacturer search and quote request
.Analysis of pilot productions


Put in the right light

.Packaging and Point of Sale (POS)
.Graphic design for product graphics, brochures or corporate design
.Renderings, animation and product photography
.Explosion and sectional views for manuals